Boost Your Yandex Ads CTR with Keyword Insertion

Keyword insertion is popular feature available in most PPC platforms. By dynamically inserting a keyword that triggers the ad, keyword insertion, when used wisely, helps to increase click-through rates by making the ad more relevant and appealing the the searcher’s eyes.

Most search engines use the same syntax {keyword:default text}, which can be used in any part of an ad: title, ad text, display or destination URL.

Keyword insertion is just as handy for Yandex SEM as for any other search engine PPC program. However, the usage of it can be confusing for us, who are used to Google and Microsoft AdCenter interface. In this article I will try to explain Yandex keyword insertion feature in AdWords/AdCenter terms.

How dynamic keyword insertion works in Yandex

First of all, Yandex refers to dynamic keyword insertion as “ad templates“. Some short information about it can be found in Yandex.Direct help center.

Second, the syntax for dynamic keyword insertion looks like this: #default text#. Unlike Google AdWords, Yandex.Direct does not provide a possibility to choose capitalization. The inserted keyword will look exactly the way you enter it in your keyword list. AdCenter works the same way, which I find quite inconvenient.

Third, if keyword is too long and will cause exceeded character limit, the default text will be shown. The limit for ad title is 33 characters including spaces and punctuation; for ad text – 75 characters including spaces and punctuation. There is only one description like, like in AdCenter.

Example: Yandex PPC ad with keyword insertion operator


Other considerations

– Dynamic keyword insertion will not work with contextual ads, but only available for search ads.

– Inserted keywords will look exactly like in your keyword list, regardless of what work form (singular or plural) or case triggered the ad.

– Russian language has 7 cases. Be careful when using keyword insertion in ad text – if the case is wrong, the ad will not look professional or trustworthy.

– Be careful when using dynamic keyword insertion in destination URL. Spaces between words will be replaced by %20. Cyrillic characters will be encoded in UTF-8.

Dynamic keyword insertion is a very useful feature, but should be used with extreme care. Make sure all keywords associated with the ad make sense in the ad context, both semantically and grammatically. If used correctly, using dynamic keyword insertion will dramatically improve your CTR on Yandex.


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